Thanks to many years  experience in teaching at various types of companies,  we are confident  that we can design a tailor-made course for the exact needs of your employees  and your company.


Here is a brief selection of the programs we have designed for our clients so far:

1.    English for Human Resources

This Program consists of recruiting personnel, interviews, briefing personnel, development  within the department, solving problems with colleagues,  assessment, salaries, works  council, work conditions and social plans.

2.    English for Real Estate Professionals

We have designed programs for estate agents, architects, property developers and investors.

3.    English for Insurance Business

All areas of the insurance sector will be covered such as health insurance, private liability insurance, car insurance and maritime insurance.

4.    English for the Financial Sector

We offer courses for private and company clients, financing, investment and controlling.

5.    English for Pharmaceutical Industry

We have created courses for various areas of the pharmaceutical industry such as production, research and development, personnel and management.

6.    English for Business Communication

Workshops and seminars will be held  in order to prepare you for every situation in business such as presentations, meetings, telephoning  and  correspondence.

7.    English for IT Specialists

Tailor-made programs for specialists such as web designers or software developers.

8.    English for the Retail Sector

Programs that are not just for clerical assistants but are also for shop assistants, shop developers and shop planners.

9.    English for Advertising Industry

We have created programs for the advertising industry including public relations.

10.    English for Legal Purposes

We offer courses for lawyers of  various areas of the  judicial area such as collective agreement, corporate- and family law.

11.    English for Project Management

This course is targeted for the preparation of the PMI exam.

12.   Examination Courses

We offer all sorts of preparation courses such as TOEFL, Cambridge First Certificate, Cambridge Advanced, Cambridge Proficiency  as well as BEC.

16.    Trainee Training Courses

Trainee Program for apprentices from the technical and commercial industry. This program takes place once or twice a week.

17.    M.I.T. & M.I.T. Plus Programmes (Maximum Intensive Training)

These programs run over one or two weeks and are designed for one or two participants. It is tailor-made for the individuals´ needs. The program includes 40 or 50 lessons a week. The participants are taken to restaurants daily for lunch to train the “social English aspect” of the language. M.I.T courses are specifically designed for areas such as production, logistics, finance-and controlling, personnel, research & development, quality management and purchasing.

18.    2 day seminar – Effective Meetings in English

This is a very related to practice - 2 day seminar with the aim to effectively prepare you for business meetings. You will be trained to improve your listening comprehension, how to lead and control meetings. 

19.    2 day seminar – Effective Communication for Team Assistants

This 2 day seminar covers all aspects of someone working as an assistant. You will be trained in how to deal with guests, write memos, newsletters, e mails, letters etc. In addition to that you will learn how to speak on the phone (approach, inquiries), how  to participate in meetings and work on projects.

20.    2 day seminar – Human Resources – Recruitment

This seminar focuses on interviews connection with building up the right vocabulary. Role play is used extensively to actualize the interview skills. Additionally, you will acquire the language skills to describe the organization of the company, regulations, facilities and social services.

21.    1 week seminar – Business Communication

Based on your individual needs, we offer a one week intensive seminar. You will improve your communication skills within your company as well as practice meetings, e mails, and all types of business correspondence.

22.    Finance and Controlling

This program concentrates on corporate finance and controlling.

23.    Kick Off Programmes

We offer 2 day intensive training, in which you will be trained once a week. Your trainer will create a tailor-made program that will fit your individual needs.

Please feel free to contact us any time should you have any questions- we are happy to advise you!

About Anglo- Your language school in Hamburg

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As a language school only for English, we offer courses for everyone. Whether you are beginner or advanced learner- we have the right course for you! You can choose between a variety of courses: intensive courses, Business English, evening courses, one-to-one sessions or in house company training.

Not only our many years of experience but also the special atmosphere here provides for the best and most natural English – learning environment.

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