English for Business


This full time course enables you  to improve your oral and writing skills in business English with fast results.


The entire course is divided into 6 Modules which will focus on all areas of the world of business. The modules are designed for language levels (B1-C1) and can be booked  individually as well as a member of group lesson. Each module covers 160 lessons and runs Monday to Friday from 09.30 a.m  to 4.45 p.m.

Module Course Level Contents
1. English for Business I B1.1

You will work through all aspects of grammar as well as general understanding of business English

2. English for Business II B1.2

You will focus on reading and listening, understanding business subjects.

3. English for Business III B1.3

This module focuses on learning how to write e-mails, letters and oral communication skills such as telephoning.

4. English for Business IV B2.1

You will intensify your business English vocabulary, how to write reports, take part in meetings as well as practice negotiations.

5. English for Business V B2.2

Writing a CV. You will simulate interviews and hold presentations. Preparing reports, offers and orders.

6. LCCI English for Business VI B2 / C1

LCCI exam level 2. The last module stabilizes and improves your ability to communicate in all areas of business.

7. English for Business, Level 2 B2 / C1  

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The LCCI exam is internationally recognized!

Dates 2021

Modul Dates 2021
Modul I


Modul II


Modul III

15.03. - 09.04.2021

Modul IV

12.04. - 07.05.2021

Modul V

10.05. - 04.06.2021

Modul VI

07.06. - 02.07.2021

Modul VII



Englisch for Business

Modul Price €
Modul 1 (1 month / 160 hours) 776,00
Modul 2 (1 month / 160 hours) 776,00
Modul 3 (1 month / 160 hours) 776,00
Modul 4 (1 month / 160 hours) 776,00
Modul 5 (1 month / 160 hours) 776,00
Modul 6 (1 month / 160 hours)  857,60 incl. examination of LCCI
Modul 7 (1 month / 160 hours) 776,00 without examination of LCCI


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We begin with Module I

We begin with Module I on 18.01.2021.

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